Let’s rewind.

I was living the retail life, dishing out all the stamina I had left in my body and mentally exhausting myself day in and day out. Following policies and procedures, repeating the same mundane routine on auto-pilot 24/7/365.


As exhausted as I was, I woke up every morning- put on my best “customer- first” face and hit the grind. No matter how stressful the days became, I never once thought it would be possible for me to leave the retail life. I convinced myself that even though I wasn’t fulfilled in my career, it was worth sacrificing my happiness to bring in my comfortable income.

But the days were getting harder to face and the smiles were getting harder to fake.

…So there I am, 7 years deep into climbing the retail ladder. It’s March 2020 (right in the eye of the COVID storm) and I am questioning every decision I’ve made in my career. The world is in pieces. When the safety of yourself and your family is on the line, it really flashes a light on your life, priorities, and happiness. It felt like everything in my life at that moment was a funnel- telling me that if I didn’t take the chance now, then I never would.


So I’m at the fork-in the road & I had a hefty decision to make. Do I risk everything and leave my established career to follow the 26% chance of entrepreneurial success?

Anyone who tells you the decision to quit their job and start their own business is full of shit. It was one of the HARDEST decisions I’ve ever had to make. We are not guaranteed our success and for the type-A personalities, not being in control feels impossible to give up.


The stress of the life-altering choice was too much. I’d like to say that my emotional “break-down” was more of a “break-up”. I was dumping the version of myself who was tied to job security & monetary-driven success and I was taking the leap into uncertainty for even the slightest chance that I could succeed.


It took me 6 weeks to choose ME.

It took me 6 weeks to decide that even though I had absolutely NO idea what I was going to do next, I was going to chase my dreams and never look back.

Not 60 seconds later I looked at my husband… “Now what?”

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference.”

-Robert Frost

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