Okay, so let’s rewind circa 2008…

I was a Myspace-aholic. No, really. I was so OBSESSED with Myspace, mostly because I looked up to those accounts that had thousands and thousands of followers.

Today, we don’t even think twice when scrolling across an IG account with 100k followers. But think back to when all we had was bulletin boards… It was a lot harder to get traffic.

So painting the picture… all I wanted to do was be THAT person. I tried so hard, but no matter what I did I couldn’t get there. I mean, who was going to follow some girl’s personal Myspace page who really didn’t do anything noteworthy? I wouldn’t follow me either.

I eventually found someone who would give me one of thier high-friend accounts. Of course this person lived on the COMPLETE opposide side of the world… seriously 12 hour time difference. I would stay up until daylight just so I could contact this person. So eventually, I was offered one of the accounts with 80k friends… so I bought it.

Yes, I said it. I paid for 80k Myspace “friends”

Not going to lie, I was super excited about it. It was like Christmas morning for the first few days. The best part was when you have a high friend count, you join these “follow trains” that were posted in bulletins. These “trains” were reposted thousands of times and would encourage people to follow every account listed in the bulletin.

I would get 15-20 PAGES of friend requests every. single. day.

And even though I would “Select All” just to approve all the requests- I could barely keep up with approving them until I was flooded again.

80k friends and NONE of them I even talked to. I had friends just to have friends… and for me, that power trip was satisfying enough.

Carrissa, how does this even relate to business marketing?

So flash forward… 2020. RIP Myspace (my first lover) and hello Facebook, Insta, Twitter, and whoever this guy Tik Tok is that just joined the party. (I should mention my late paramour, Vine)

I’m following (censored’s) Instagram account, breaking 100k followers. Influencer, great feed, idk… didn’t do much for me but I find interest in watching the interactions with followers.

(Censored) decides to lauch a product, I believe it was clothing. Now, she assumes she will sell thousands- I’m sure.

Next day, I’m scrolling through. She is PISSED! Posting about how upset she is with her followers and how she can’t believe that no one would buy her “brand” products.

Just because you have a following, does not mean they will engage or convert to sales

Honestly, I wish I could share this story with every entrepreneur, especially start-ups. The power of social media is unquestionable- when done correctly. When businesses are using social media, it does NOTHING to have 80k followers who are not going to engage. It does NOTHING to have 80k followers who couldn’t care less about your industry… and It does NOTHING to have 80k followers who are not your target audience that won’t convert to sales.

So you can image my face-palm when I was scrolling along and one of my followers- whose content I actually really enjoy- was offering free content ONLY to followers who jumped on the “train” and followed “these 10 accounts to claim your freebie.”

Did I unfollow? No, come on. But did I shake my head and disengage from any of that accounts future content? Yep.

Social media is just that, social.

The “right way” to use social media is to ENGAGE with your potential buyers to convert leads into sales… LISTEN to thier needs, and create SOLUTIONS to their PROBLEMS. Social media is an art… and when utilized correctly, can scale your business and drive sales that would otherwise not be possible.

Social media marketing uses effective strategy, hashtags, analytics, engagement rates, resources, targeting, advertising, and more to gain ORGANIC followers that will convert!

If you’re not 100% confident with scaling your brand through social media, let me help coach you to success! Learn all about my 1:1 Instagram Mentorship program where you will learn all of the best strategies and methods to grow your business through Instagram.

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