Instagram Algorithm Explained: Stories

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably seen Instagram releasing a TON of little secrets lately about how to best utilize their platform as a small business

GOOD NEWS! Instagram is becoming more creator-focused especially for “smaller creatives who are building their careers through Instagram”. So we should continue to see drops of the inner workings in the Instagram algorithms/ranking systems

So I, being an algorithm analytics junkie, have pulled together the most important information that you need to know as an entrepreneur/creator on Instagram

So here’s the details:


  1. People who you interact with most are prioritized here
  2.  Instagram collects information about the stories (who posted them and if you are you interested in them)
  3. They look at previous actions taken on these stories to see how “valuable” the story is (are people visiting profiles, engaging with the stickers, etc.)


  1. They collect information about your activity (do you prefer to engage with photos vs videos, etc.)
  2. How valuable is the post (how quickly are others reacting to it)
  3. Your history with that person (do you interact with this person a lot)

Key Takeaways:

  1. Be sure to engage with your followers in the right ways to Instagram accurately understands you relationships
  2. Create compelling content that encourages your followers to take action (visit your profile, click link, save/share… etc)
  3. Most importantly, be sure your audience consists of entirely your ideal clients/target audience! Having followers who are not aligned with your ideal client will throw a kink in your Instagram system.

I know, I know… like why? Why does Instagram have to be so complex! Trust me, the benefits of these algorithms are extremely beneficial in increasing your content visibility and getting your posts out to the right people!

Remember, the algorithms are our friends.