Instagram Algorithm Explained: Explore Feed

It’s no secret that Instagram’s inner workings are a complicated web of ranking systems, triggers, and algorithms. Fortunately for smaller creatives and businesses, we have seen Instagram focusing on proving these groups with a little more insight on how this complicated platform actually works. 

Okay- Let’s dive in with the SECRETS!  We’ll start by comparing the Instagram Explore page v.s. Instagram Stories & Feed posts that we talked about last week. While Stories & Feed are mainly ranked by your interaction with that specific person, Explore is a very different dynamic

Explore was created to show you NEW content & comparable accounts


  1. Explore is based on what it thinks you might be interested in it.
  2. They consider Information about the value of the post (how many likes, comments, etc..)
  3. Information about the author, are they in a similar industry as you
  4. Uses “Collaborative filtering”

What the heck is Collaborative Filtering?

Let’s think of it as a web… 🕸

  1. These signals collect data about the posts you like
  2. Then it collects data about what kind of posts your followers like
  3. It looks at their engagement with other accounts
  4. Then suggests posts for you, all based on the interactions of your followers

For example, I might follow a bunch of “foodie” accounts. Those accounts might follow or engage with other foodie influencer accounts. Naturally, Instagram will now suggest those influencers to me thinking that I might find their content valuable

Key Takeaways: 🔑

It’s SO important that your followers/following are made up of your ideal client and/or limited to people in your industry. This aids the Instagram filtering and signals to keep you in the right audience (and most importantly, push your content out to your ideal clients!)

Your content in front of the right eyes = sales 💰

Okay, Here’s the last thought I want you to walk away with…  Do you remember what the purpose of Instagram’s smart algorithms is? To keep you on the app as long as possible! The longer you’re here, the more ads you’ll see, the more money Instagram makes, $$ Cha-Ching! 🤑 

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