Instagram News:  Hashtags

Instagram is breaking the internet. All of your hashtag questions are about to be answered. 

Your typical and most frequently used hashtags were used for popular trends: #MotivationMonday #ThrowbackThursday, and #ManCrushMonday. Hashtags have evolved significantly since the release of Instagram Business profiles which were released in August 2014, followed by the Creator Accounts later released in January 2019.

With this astronomical timeline of Instagram expansion, hashtags have evolved into helping business/creator accounts to be able to reach a wider audience and ultimately increase product/service sales.We have recently seen (and heard) that Instagram is now focusing heavily on their initiative to help Creators start and grow their careers on Instagram. For that reason, we are seeing an increasing amount of news and insight into Instagram’s inner workings.

In short, here are the main details that you need to know:


  • “Use hashtags that are relevant to the theme of your content”
  • “Check which hashtags your fans already use and follow”
  • “Mix well-known and niche hashtags to broaden your discoverability”
  • “Use specific hashtags so your fans can easily search for your content”
  • “Keep the number of hashtags between 3-5”

“Keep the number of hashtags between 3-5”


  • “Use hashtags that have nothing to do with your content” (example: the #MotivationModay we once praised)
  • “Use overly generic hashtags-these will make it harder for people to discover the content due to the volume of other people using the hashtags”
  • “Use too many hashtags- adding 10-20 hashtags will not help you get additional distribution”

“10-20 Hashtags will not help you get additional distribution”

This announcement also states:

  • “The content itself and the way people interact with it can affect distribution more than the hashtag”
  • “Think of hashtags as a tool that provides context about your post and supports delivering content to people who are interested in a particular topic”

So what does this mean for your Instagram content strategy?

Well, this is NOT the first time I’ve stated this… Hashtags are the cherry on top. There, I said it.


  • DO focus your content strategy around quality (that your audience wants/needs to see)
  • DO create compelling captions (using keywords consistently)
  • DO use effective call-to-actions to round out your post caption
  • DO follow these hashtag guidelines while using “relevant” hashtags with proper research and keywords

Your hashtags alone will not convert your content into paying clients. It’s about the juicy dessert that keeps them coming back for more… not the cherry 🍒