The 5 Day Crush Your Content Mini-Course

Your step-by-step blueprint to nail your IG content and grow your business.

Does the word “Instagram” make you break out into a cold sweat?


You know Instagram is important for your business. But as a new entrepreneur balancing all the things, you barely have time to plan out content, let alone show up consistently


What if you had a simple, rinse-and-repeat strategy for creating beautiful content that pulls its weight in your business without feeling sleezy or wasting precious time?


Well get comfy, friend,’ cuz you’ve I’ve got just the thing for you…


The 5 Day Crush Your Content Mini-Course

Your step-by-step blueprint to nail your IG content and grow your business.

This 5 day, value-packed mini-course is designed to take the guesswork out of content creation once and for all, so you can stop trading time for money and start showing up consistently (and confidently!). How? 

My simple, step-by-step process breaks down exactly what it takes to create content that converts followers into clients. This is a 100% tell-you-what-to-do video mini-course that gives you all the resources you need to make it happen; none of that basic, surface-level “advice” everyone and their mom spouts! The best part? It’s broken down into bite-sized lessons spread over just 5 days~ You’ll learn what steps you need to take, the reason WHY you need to take them, and get the tools and resources you need to actually IMPLEMENT them! Can I get an amen?

Meet Your Instructor

Hey, I'm Carrissa!

I’m the Instagram mentor and brand designer behind Nine Five Brand. I’m obsessed with helping women like you make a living doing what you love (without letting it take over your life!). I’m all about equipping you with the tools, knowledge and strategies you need to build a profitable, fun, beautiful business that works for you—not the other way around. 


My number one tool? Instagram. My approach to IG is 100% strategy and 0% fluff, rooted in effective, repeatable strategies that actually work; no copy-paste advice here, thanks. After working closely with clients in my 1:1 Instagram mentorship program, I decided to create a mini-course you can refer to time and time again that walks you through each step of my process and ultimately boosts your bottom line. You ready?

Let’s break it down

Here's what you'll learn each day:

  • Day 1: Your Audience A deep dive into your ideal client: understanding them, their goals, their struggles, and their desires. Plus, learn how you can create content that speaks directly to them!
  • Day 2: Pillars & Planning It’s time to say goodbye to overwhelm once and for all! Learn how to use my simplified content creation process to streamline your social media presence and stay organized. 
  • Day 3: Research Discover how to confidently research and create over VALUABLE content your idea client actually wants and needs to see—no more shouting into the Instagram void! Over 300+ content topics in just minutes, NEVER run out of content ideas ever again. 
  • Day 4: Captions & Hashtags Gain confidence in your ability to write effective captions that convert passive followers into active customers. You’ll also learn how to conduct hashtag research to attract new ideal clients to your profile.
  • Day 5: Creation & Scheduling Master how to create show-stopping graphics easily, and how to successfully plan and schedule posts ahead of time (so it doesn’t take over your life!).

Most importantly, you’ll gain the confidence you need to show up consistently on IG without a side of anxiety.

Sounds great! How much we talking’?

The Investment:

Don't just take it from me:

Jennifer @virtualvaluepartner

"I am so grateful that I got Carrissa to teach me everything Instagram. She was a pleasure to work with and was patient with all my questions. I'm so excited to put all the fun things she taught me into practice. My business is definitely going to grow because of her teachings. Thank you very much Carrissa!!!"

    McKenzie @_mckenzie.zacha

    Having Carrissa as a coach was such a huge help in jump starting my business. I learned so many different techniques and tools on how to reach out and find clients. I even jump back on her page every week to find new information and ideas on how to better my business. I always had trouble with finding what works for me in business and took too many different coaches’ advice, but Carrissa provided me with skills that can work for pretty much anyone. Her knowledge in the entrepreneurial world is incredible! New logos and images. I am so grateful for all of the work she did, and how timely and responsive Carrissa was to everything!

      Brittany @brittanyfankconsulting

      "My 2021 goal was to grow my Instagram account and I wasn't doing a great job of that before I met Carrissa. She taught me how to create content in a way that worked for me. I had no idea about what made the algorithm favor my content and now I have great videos and training materials on how to work with the algorithm. I feel confident that I can grow my IG account and reach my goal!"

        Wendy @lexandmotherhoodboutique

        "Carrissa was an answered prayer. I was looking for some help for some time before I found her. I love everything about her. She is amazing, friendly, smart, she definitely knows what she is doing. I would highly recommend "Nine Five Brand" to anyone look to upgrade their instagram small business game!"

          This course is perfect for you if...

          • You’re an early stage entrepreneur who needs to revisit their content strategy to get structure and clarity.
          • You’re ready to invest in your business and want a done-for-you system for your social media presence.

          Ready to make Instagram less of a popularity contest and more of a profitable tool for your business?

          Frequently Asked Questions

          This course is for entrepreneurs building their brands through social media! Crush Your Content is pure strategy- designed to help both product & service based businesses and/or personal brands in all industries

          If you’re looking for someone to to say “This is what you should be posting, this is how you can get organized, and here’s how you convert your followers into clients. OH! And here’s every resource you need to get it done”… then this course is for you. Unlike others, Crush Your Content is a completely done-for-you course providing you will everything you’ll need to CRUSH. YOUR. CONTENT!

          Immediately! You’ll be granted access to this course as soon as you sign up! It consists of pre-recorded video lessons housed in the Kajabi platform.

          Of course! This thing is for life, friend.

          This course is completely self-paced. The framework was designed into bite-sized pieces to be completely over a 5-day span (about 1-2 hr/day) however, feel free to binge as you’d like!

          Crush Your Content has extracted the content creation process from my 1:1 mentoring program. Build Your Brand is a 4-week mentorship program that is tailored towards each individual entrepreneur helping them reach their business goals. If you are looking for a more customized 1:1 approach you can check it out at

          Well, if you’re a content creator, social media manager, virtual assistant, or anyone who creates content for other businesses…. This course is pure strategy! Which means it was designed for you to use to create content for yourself as well as your clients! Create all the content you need repeatedly and efficiently with this evergreen process!