Elise Anne Communications

👉🏼 Katie from Elise Anne Communications is a virtual assistant helping women in the event planning industry! Katie is very knowledge with even planning and helps women with event support and strategic partnership


💍This branding was inspired to stay clean and elegant, appealing to the virtual assistant side of even planning


✍🏼Our logo was designed with ornate script font to mirror trending wedding designs


🎨The color palette selected was inspired by eucalyptus floral to create a palette of beautiful shades of green!

Katie @iamkatiegregory

"When I met Carrissa, I was instantly hooked by her thoughtful designs, strategic implementation and expert direction as we built a brand identity and strategy together. Carrissa brings so much to the table and helps you transition from the corporate mindset to the entrepreneurial mindset. There is no other brand coach that I will trust with my vision and my brand voice. Carrissa is generous with her time, she is generous with her advice and she is truly the expert brand coach in the female entrepreneur space. Regardless of where you are in your business journey, Carrissa is the only person you need for a brand strategy!"

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