Instagram Formats & Features Intensive

Your 7-module intensive training on how to utilize each of Instagram’s content formats to increase your branding visibility & drive engagement metrics

Do you find yourself totally overwhelmed with just how many content formats are on Instagram? I mean c’mon! We have Stories, Lives, Reels, Guides, Carousels… oh my! 


Here’s the inside scoop- Instagram’s top Creators have shared that the best way to boost your visibility and grow your following is by using all of the available formats & features that Instagram has to offer.  I know you might be thinking- I am totally obsessed with “insert favorite feature” and completely terrified of “insert your most dreaded feature”! 


Wake up call. Just as you have your favorite- so do your followers! Strategy-wise, THIS is exactly why you are going to start utilizing each format to reach your audience in the way THEY want, starting today.


If you’re suffering from low engagement, it’s time to hop on and publish your content across the board- boosting your content visibility and overall engagement! And guess what? More engagement = More sales 🤑


Why is it SO important to use all of these features?
Take it from the top creators:

“We have more to offer, and what we have to offer is relatively unique. A unique combination of a whole suit of different formats. Most of the other platforms are focused more on one type of story telling.”

           -Adam Mosseri (Head of Instagram) @mosseri 

“Instagram is like real estate. The best thing that you can do is have a little bit of real estate in each section on Instagram. That’s how you get your content out there. There are all of these different facets that Instagram has to offer and if you don’t use all of the tools, you’re really going to pigeon hole yourself. You need to buy up all of the real estate to get your brand out there”

           -Nina @ninamariedaniele


“If you’re using all the different parts of Instagram, your content is just more likely to show up in different places”

           -Lauris McMillan @lauriseeirl

“Spread yourself out. You can’t just hit one area and think that will take you where you need to be. You need to really spread yourself out”

           -Seaburn @officially_seaburn

“Use all of the different surfaces to have more opportunities to find more followers”

           -Chaz @trigomemtry

This Instagram Formats & Features Intensive follows my unique D.A.S format: Where we will Describe what is the format and feature, Analyze why is it so important, and Strategize how you will effectively utilize each format to elevate your brand!

Who is this Intensive for?

This is the beginner’s guide to jumping in and mastering Instagram’s features. Whether you’re new to Instagram or you’re ready to up-level your strategy, this Intensive training is for you.

Let’s break it down

Here’s what you’ll learn:



  • Lesson 1: Instagram Stories How to utilize Stories to humanize your brand and deepen emotional connections
  • Lesson 2: Instagram Highlights Strategize your Highlights to work for your business
  • Lesson 3: Carousel Posts Learn all about how to use Instagram most engaging feature to tell your story and convert clients
  • Lesson 4: IGTV Live Videos Get ready to create long-form video content to show up as the expert
  • Lesson 5: Instagram Reels Learn all about Instagram’s fastest growing features to increase your visibility
  • Lesson 6: Instagram Guides Curate long-form content to provide value to your audience and strengthen brand relationships
  • PLUS! A special BONUS lesson on how to utilize these formats to boost your engagement!

Instant Access!

Only $37

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What are you waiting for?

It’s time to show up on Instagram, unapologetically confident, and master this entire platform!

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