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You’re about to snatch your free intensive training and learn all about one of Instagram’s most underutilized, but quite possibly one of the best, features!


Do you feel like you are constantly on the Instagram “content hamster wheel”? Or do you ever feel like you’re constantly spending hours creating content just for it to be pushed WAY down the feed, getting lost in the sea of other Instagram posts?



What if I told you there was a hidden gem inside Instagram to answer all of these problems? Well, that’s EXACTLY what I’m saying! One of the most under-utilized Instagram features (and possibly the BEST feature for businesses) is Instagram Guides. In fact- 92% of small-business/entrepreneurs said they know nothing or very little about Instagram Guides! *based on a 2021 survey


I’ll share a few secrets:

  • Product-based businesses can utilize Guides to boost product awareness and sales!
  • Influencers and Creators can utilize Guides to build loyalty and strengthen brand relationships
  • Service-based businesses can utilize Guides to provide evergreen content by showing up as the expert and building major authority

Sounds like a hidden gem, am I right?


For this reason- I’m giving you the FULL rundown on Instagram Guides. The What, Why, and How to use this feature to elevate your brand +PLUS an entire walkthrough tutorial of how to create all 3 forms of Guides. Not only breaking down and analyzing this feature but also helping you strategize exactly how you’re going to start creating Guides to elevate business!


Carrissa, there’s no way you are giving this away for free.” 


Yep, It’s yours completely FREE! Why? Because I feel like I’m hiding all of the best secrets for you to grow your business and I JUST CAN’T KEEP IT IN ANY LONGER! 


I seriously can’t wait to get this in your hands! By the end of this training I guarantee you’ll be saying “Holy crap, I had no idea how valuable Guides are!” 

Are you ready to be part of the 8% of people who are Guides “Experts”?

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