KP Virtual Assistance

👉🏼 Kirsten is a virtual assistant, the right hand to female business owners helping with everyday tasks, allowing them to focus on their business!


🎨 These branding designs were created with an organic, soft-earthy feel


✍🏻 Logo was created with a very simple, elegant design



👉🏼 The Instagram highlight covers were designed with a soft abstract watercolor to match the overall look & feel of the branding

Kirsten @kp.virtualassistance

“Working with Carrissa at Nine Five Brand was amazing! Her designs are exactly what I wanted and needed to elevate my brand. I’m so excited to start posting with the new images and colour and logo. Carrissa has done such incredible work and always with really timely responses. And flexible to my Australian time zone as well! Thank you so much Carrissa for you time and amazing work!”

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