Megan Ludwick @meganludwickva

"Working with Carrissa was fantastic! I had DIY’d my brand colors previously, but something just didn’t feel right and I wasn’t in love with my logo. Carrissa tweaked the colors to make them all coordinated much better and feel cohesive. She nailed my logo, too. I learned SO MUCH about Instagram from the mentorship program! I had only used IG for personal use before starting my business. The 1-on-1 calls and the digital resources she provides are immensely helpful. I feel like I actually understand the strategy behind IG now."

    Kara @kara_janejones

    "Working with Nine Five Brand was amazing! It was exactly what I needed to help move my business and own brand forward. I always felt stuck because I wasn’t sure how to bring balance between my business and personal content on my page while also keeping the branding looking cohesive. Five Nine Brand helped me learn how to curate my captions, use the right hashtags, and bring a color scheme and aesthetic to my page. I appreciate that I was taught how to do all these things so I could keep making the perfect content for my page!"

      Amanda @amandarose.knows

      "Carrissa made the process of rebranding a complete dream. It’s as though she took the vision right out of my head and brought it to life. She was open to my ideas and kept my wants and needs at the forefront. Carrissa provided tools, templates and knowledge through her 1 on 1 coaching that I will carry with me throughout my career as a Virtual Assistant. If you’re hesitant - just DO IT! Investing in your business and yourself is always worth it, especially when you’re doing it with somebody as amazing as Carrissa!"

        Cheska @virtualvaluepartner

        "I am so thankful for the time and support that I have received from Carrissa! She totally brought my vision to life in projecting my personality and goals through my branding. The colors are simple, professional and soothing. The coaching call that I had with her was so informative and useful as I've had such a mental block with content creation and some mindset roadblocks. If you're looking for help with branding or just strategizing your own marketing - work with Carrissa, you will not regret it!"

          Katie @iamkatiegregory

          "When I met Carrissa, I was instantly hooked by her thoughtful designs, strategic implementation and expert direction as we built a brand identity and strategy together. Carrissa brings so much to the table and helps you transition from the corporate mindset to the entrepreneurial mindset. There is no other brand coach that I will trust with my vision and my brand voice. Carrissa is generous with her time, she is generous with her advice and she is truly the expert brand coach in the female entrepreneur space. Regardless of where you are in your business journey, Carrissa is the only person you need for a brand strategy!"

            Brittany @brittanyfankconsulting

            "My 2021 goal was to grow my Instagram account and I wasn't doing a great job of that before I met Carrissa. She taught me how to create content in a way that worked for me. I had no idea about what made the algorithm favor my content and now I have great videos and training materials on how to work with the algorithm. I feel confident that I can grow my IG account and reach my goal!"

              Jennifer @jennifercoopertimesaver

              I have attended lots of workshops and sessions on social media, of various quality. My 1:1 coaching with Carrissa knocked them all out of the park. It was absolutely brilliant. Carrissa is incredibly knowledgeable, and very quickly adapted the training to suit my needs. She was able to quickly read when I got something, and instinctively know when I needed more support and a greater depth. Carrissa not only explained the theory of social media, but looked at how to do it and gave lots of clear examples of how to achieve growth and engagement. I loved that Carrissa did not get side tracked with lots of bitty details about social media but instead very much kept the focus on the big picture, how to promote my brand, engage with the right people and find clients. I learnt more with Carrissa in 1 hour than I had learnt in hours of other tutorials. My coaching session is easily one of the best investments I have made in my business and I cannot thank Carrissa enough for her brilliant session. Highly recommended!

                Jennifer @virtualvaluepartner

                "I am so grateful that I got Carrissa to teach me everything Instagram. She was a pleasure to work with and was patient with all my questions. I'm so excited to put all the fun things she taught me into practice. My business is definitely going to grow because of her teachings. Thank you very much Carrissa!!!"

                  Haley @powerponystudios

                  As a designer myself, I felt bad asking for "help" at first. But when I started talking to Carrissa about my goals and needs, I knew I had to work with her. This 4 week instagram coaching course was just what I needed and more! The knowledge I gained from Carrissa has made a huge difference in my social media presence and how I strategize. Carrissa's mentorship has made me much more confident as a business owner.

                    Maryam @maryam_live_fitness

                    To start very straight forward, I wish I've met Carrissa and her passion for her business much earlier. It was so amazing seeing the first logo and color samples, it made so happy and I couldn’t wait to go further and more into details. Carrissa understands very quickly what you have in your mind and can put this into images and a structured business, because I got such great feedback from my followers client and even many more clients in a short time I will step it up with my business. Also, knowing that I can always ask Carrissa for help when I need her. I highly recommend her branding service if you feel stuck and you need a great start!

                      Wendy @lexandmotherhoodboutique

                      "Carrissa was an answered prayer. I was looking for some help for some time before I found her. I love everything about her. She is amazing, friendly, smart, she definitely knows what she is doing. I would highly recommend "Nine Five Brand" to anyone look to upgrade their instagram small business game!"


                        "Working with Carrissa has been more than great! She understood everything I wanted and really accomplished the improvements I was going for! She is very dedicated, takes her time to explain everything to you and really gives you the tools to grow and develop. The coaching sessions where extremely educational, lots of good information to learn from, access to the teachable videos and very good explanations. It is taking me a while to keep up with all! I am very thankful and really appreciate Carrissa and her work!"

                          Dre Valenzuela @dre.valenzuela

                          "When I tell you Carrissa is so amazing at what she does, she has so much knowledge and expertise. She is so organized and detailed. If you're trying to brand, or rebrand, your new business for 2021 or if you're thinking about working with her and you're on the edge, or haven't decided yet, you need to stop thinking and reach out to her and let her brand your business for 2021"

                            Kirsten @kp.virtualassistance

                            “Working with Carrissa at Nine Five Brand was amazing! Her designs are exactly what I wanted and needed to elevate my brand. I’m so excited to start posting with the new images and colour and logo. Carrissa has done such incredible work and always with really timely responses. And flexible to my Australian time zone as well! Thank you so much Carrissa for you time and amazing work!”

                              Zhane @zhaneandco

                              Carrissa gave me everything I wanted and MORE! The entire process from consultation to coaching call was so easy going and organized, and made the experience completely stress free. I love how dedicated she was to making sure I loved every aspect of my branding, and worked very timely. I now have a brand that fully represents my business and looks very professional. I am so happy I chose Carrissa, and you will be too!

                                Andrea @itsandreaowen

                                Working with Carrissa was a dream come true. I had no idea I needed her help until she reached out to me and built a genuine connection and interest in my business. She was so helpful in teaching me how to market myself and spruce up my Instagram & website with colors, logos, and stock images relating to my color scheme. She is so knowledgeable and so sweet! I can’t thank her or recommend her enough! I’m in love with my incredible new branding!

                                  Claudia @herhustlemind

                                  I enjoyed working with Carrissa because she is super sweet and very understanding! She knew what exactly I want for my business. She did a FANTASTIC job with the mood board, my logo, template, and more! I appreciate that she is patient with me because I took a lot of time to figure out all I want for my business. I was so grateful, and I HIGHLY recommend Nine Five Brand!

                                    McKenzie @_mckenzie.zacha

                                    I loved working with Carrissa on my branding. Everything I asked for was done perfectly, and I can't wait to start posting. Having Carrissa as a coach was such a huge help in jump starting my business. I learned so many different techniques and tools on how to reach out and find clients. I even jump back on her page every week to find new information and ideas on how to better my business. I always had trouble with finding what works for me in business and took too many different coaches’ advice, but Carrissa provided me with skills that can work for pretty much anyone. Her knowledge in the entrepreneurial world is incredible! New logos and images. She also gave amazing advice on how to attract the clients I want to my brand. I am so grateful for all of the work she did, and how timely and responsive Carrissa was to everything!

                                      Caitie @femmephasize

                                      I’m so grateful that I found Nine Five Brand! I started my business about a year ago, but honestly haven’t been able to grow it much because I honestly had no idea what to do! That’s where Carrissa comes in- she’s not only helped me completely rebrand, but also taught me how to find clients, engage with them, and build a clear-cut strategy on how to grow my IG following & convert them into paying clients. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found Carrissa- she saved my business & now I feel I have all the tools to take it to the top! Thank you so much Nine Five Brand!

                                        Nicole @theappyadmin

                                        Organized, professional, and an amazing process as well as experience. Carrissa was able to hone in on my style and I'm so excited about my brand! Not only is it visually appealing, but I will have the consistency I was seeking going forward. The templates are awesome and a huge time saver. I feel the coaching call at the end could be an add on package in itself as so much value was provided. I can't say how excited and grateful I am about the results and the whole process!

                                          Steph @ladieswholead.coaching

                                          It has been a real pleasure working with Carrissa at Nine Five Brand! My vision has been turned into a reality and my expectations have been exceeded! Carrissa has produced beautiful work and has supported me through my journey! I have been given regular updates on the process and top tips along the way! I am extremely grateful and pleased with the service and product! I would highly recommend Nine Five Brand to others!

                                            Emily @egbusinessconsulting

                                            Working with Carrissa was the best decision I have made so far for my business. Not only was she able to make my vision come to life beautifully, she also gave me the confidence to show off my brand. Now I can't stop showing it off to everyone!

                                              Shayistha @sa.virtualassistant

                                              I am extremely happy with Carrissa and the way she works. I loved it how she took every detail into consideration when it came to branding my Logo, brand colors and the imagery she provided. She made sure that I was extremely happy with the overall outcome at every stage of the process. She never hesitated to show me more options ensuring I am 100% happy with the outcome. Loved her work and all the love and sincerity she puts into it.

                                                Jessy @inkindnessva

                                                Nine Five Brand has been awesome to work with! Carrissa took my "all over the place" ideas and created a new brand for me that really showcases who I am and gave my business a beautiful fresh look!

                                                  We're ready to build your brand. Are you?

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