Virtuous Virtual Solutions

👉🏼Virtuous Virtual Solutions is a Canadian based business hiring stay-at-home moms looking to work from home!! 


🎨 Keeping a simple color palette, we adjusted the logo from bright red & black to deep red and dark blue! 


🎨We expanded the color palette from peachy pastels to deep jewels. And of course, splash of metallic gold to bring some life into this branding, all while keeping a professional look & feel 

Shayistha @sa.virtualassistant

I am extremely happy with Carrissa and the way she works. I loved it how she took every detail into consideration when it came to branding my Logo, brand colors and the imagery she provided. She made sure that I was extremely happy with the overall outcome at every stage of the process. She never hesitated to show me more options ensuring I am 100% happy with the outcome. Loved her work and all the love and sincerity she puts into it.

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